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Sunday 1 April 2012


This Blog is going to made private on 1st April 2012, only subscribed members will be allowed.

This decision is taken to prevent leecher, or rather the account will works for long time..

Many users changed the pass, so most of the account goes dead  2-3 hours after posting..

Guys don't Change the pass accounts here are to share not to own.

Now we don't care about the advertisement, we may remove that too, but to continue this service we need some donation. If anyone interested in donating to this blog then please Contact Us, we will get you back.

Give your feedback/response as comment so that we can serve you better.


  1. this is for the first time when I visit this kinda website... until now I thought these blogs are just fake, but they're not :) just tried an wupload acc, and man, it worked!! :)
    The problem is, if this blog will be private, will it really help? I'm askin' 'cause lots of these premium acc here are posted on other public blogs as well... that's why "bad guys" find 'em very quick and change pass.
    For now I REALLY needed a netload.in premium acc, but couldn't find a working one :((

  2. we can give netload accounts too, but stops coz once we have posted netload account and goes dead with in 30 minute..then whats the use..
    so better to make this one private and start stalking user

  3. okay thx for your answer :) it's me (Mishu) that I just subscribed & joined this blog using my yahoo mail :D

  4. thanx and welcome you to the blog mishu, now you might be getting updates on you email too.

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